Nosson Zand: Kosher Hip-Hop For The Soul

October 11, 2009
by Jen Sjolund, Seattle Indie Music Examiner

Fresh off a nation wide tour with rap/reggae sensation Matisyahu, Nosson Zand has released an already critically acclaimed EP The Return. Recognizable as an award winning actor for his work playing a serious Jewish rapper in the independent film Song of David, The Return is a small taste of what promises to be an epic first full album, currently in the works.

The Rock And Roll Report: Nosson Zand Interview

August 25, 2009
by Eric, Staff, Rock & Roll Report

I remember riding around with my good buddy Drew back around the time I was 15-17 years old. We’d ride around after working our part time jobs at a major music theatre in the Chicago suburbs. Our purpose was two-fold: 1) To goof around and act as silly and as stupid as we could! 2) To tune in to WJKL “TheFox” and listen to as many new bands and artists as we could, in order to try to discover the next big musical act worth following…

Show Review: Matisyahu With Dub Trio, Nosson Zand – Bank Of America Pavilion 7/7

July 15, 2009

Who would have thought that a Hasidic Jew from Pennsylvania could become a major international reggae artist? Usually when I think reggae I think Jamaica, I think dreadlocks, I think thick blunt smoke in the air… I certainly don’t picture a yarmulke, a big bushy beard, or tzitzit tassels. So I have to admit, I was a little curious heading into the BOA Pavilion for the Matisyahu show on Tuesday…”

Hasidic Rapper Credits Brookline Hip-Hop Roots

March 9, 2009
by Simone Press, Boston Herald

Hasidic rapper Nosson Zand credits the kids at the Egmont Street Projects in Brookline for introducing him to hip-hop.

Kosher Hip-Hop Singer Comes to North Shore to Celebrate Jewish Holiday

March 6, 2009
by Larry Claflin Jr., Salem News

Members of the North of Boston Jew Crew have been busy since the Swampscott-based organization was founded five months ago. In addition to hosting Saturday study sessions, the group — made up of Jewish teenagers from around the North Shore — has taken monthly field trips to bowl, play laser tag, snow-tube and volunteer with the Jewish Rehabilitation Center.

Orthodox Rapper, Actor From Brookline Reflects On His Evolution

July 1, 2008
by Ed Symkus, Wicked Local

Nosson Zand likes to refer to the past four years of his life as a time of going through some identity changes. One of those changes led to him recently winning a Best Actor award at the Boston International Film Festival for his performance as an Orthodox Jewish rapper in the film “Song of David.” In fact, off screen, Zand is an Orthodox Jewish rapper.

Film: David’s the Singer, He’s the Rapper

March 26, 2008
by Matthue Roth, Forward Association

Oded Turgeman, director of the new short film “Song of David,” doesn’t do things the easy way. As a burgeoning film director, he applied to Jerusalem’s most prestigious film school, with a commander in a combat unit as his only prior life experience…

Nosson Zand May Be the Next Big Thing

March 21, 2008
by Vladimir Shvorin, The Jewish Advocate

Jewish hip hop music is an area as unexplored as the furthest reaches of the universe, making Nosson Zand’s work pioneering.

Song of David:” Yes, Orthodox Jews rap

December 18, 2007
by Matthue Roth, Jewcy

Nosson Zand, more popularly known by his hip-hop and Internet handle Niz, is a bona fide Orthodox hip-hop phenomenon — you know, along with Ta-Shma and Y-Love and (me, I guess?). Besides the questionable and debated Jewish appropriation of hip-hop culture, we can argue that Eminem and one of the Fat Boys did the same thing and save that for another blog post…

Boston Students To Get A “Taste of Peace”

September 7, 2007
by Diana Clarke, JSONS, Emerson

Students for Peace (SFP), a student-run non-profit organization, will expand its support for nonviolent coexistence from the Emerson campus to the intercollegiate level this month with its first regional event, Taste of Peace, which will be held 9 p.m. to 2 a.m. Feb. 17 at the Sheraton Boston Hotel.

Orthodox Hip-Hop Nosson’s Raps Are 100% Kosher

April 12, 2007
Anita Davis, Boston Herald

CHOSEN ONE: Nathan Isaac Zand is enjoying success as rap star Nosson Zand, who expresses his Orthodox Jewish beliefs in his songs. Here he wears tefillin, boxes containing scripture with leather ties, donned by men for morning prayer.

Purim, Just Another Reason To Party

March 11, 2007
by Michael Brown, The New York Times

Last Saturday, at the start of the Jewish holiday of Purim, Rabbi Shmuel Lein read from a ceremonial scroll at the Chabad of North Brooklyn, a center of Hasidic Jewish culture on Bedford Avenue and North Fifth Street in Williamsburg.

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